Our new look on the internet

House Wine is approaching nine years in the business and we continue to look for ways to improve our business in addition to the value we offer our customers. Our website has been a place to share a little about ourselves and inform you on what’s happening. It has served its purpose. But we decided it was due for a facelift.

Our new home on the internet will be a little more up-to-date to reflect what House Wine is all about and what’s happening at the shop. We’re a wine shop first and foremost, but we also have a quality beer offering. In addition to the retail component, you can enjoy both wine and beer at our shop without breaking the bank.

We also plan to refresh what you’ll find in the “Upcoming Events” and “Now Serving” pages. Our new page will be easier for us to update for events that are coming up from our Thursday Night Tastings to other special events. We don’t always post every event just because we worry about getting too large of a crowd for some. For our “Now Serving” page, we’ll list the 24 wines you’re likely to find on our Enomatic wine dispensers as well as the 12 beers on draft for enjoying at the shop or growlers to go.

We’ll use this blog to post what’s happening at the shop, new wines and beers, and opinions on related topics. Similar to our enewsletter Winejoy, we’ll share what we know and you can take it for what it’s worth. Some wine drinkers just like to stick with the everyday wines and don’t like change. We’ll have those wines for you. But if you’re interested in trying new things and finding better values that mainstream outlets don’t offer, that’s where you’ll save even more money with us. We are here to deliver a positive experience at House Wine and you can save money too.

Lastly, huge props to Laura Oldham of Starburst Media and photographer Ryan Hughes for helping us with this small project. You made it much easier than we could have expected but your talent and work make us look good.